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1-Triacontanol CAS 593-50-0

1-Triacontanol CAS 593-50-0 (1)
1-Triacontanol CAS 593-50-0 (2)
1-Triacontanol CAS 593-50-0 (3)
1-Triacontanol CAS 593-50-0 (1)
1-Triacontanol Quick Detail:
  • English name: 1-Triacontanol
  • CAS Number: 593-50-0
  • Molecular Formula:C30H62O
  • Molecular Weight: 438.81
  • EINECS Number: 209-794-5
  • Assay: 90.0%min
  • Appearance: White crystal
1-Triacontanol Specification:
Item Specification
Appearance White crystal
Purity 90% min
Melting point 86.5-87.5°C
Residues after ignition 0.1% max
Loss on drying 0.5% max
1-Triacontanol Application:
  1. Triacontanol can be absorbed by plant stems and leaves, and then promote plant growth, increase dry matter accumulation, improve cell membrane permeability, increase chlorophyll content, increase photosynthetic intensity, enhance amylase, polyoxygenase, Peroxidase activity.
  2. Triacontanol can promote germination, rooting, stem and leaf growth and flowering, make crops mature early, increase seed setting rate, enhance cold and drought resistance, increase yield, and improve product quality.
1-Triacontanol Package:

25kg/drum or Customized according to customer requirements


This product should be sealed in a cool and dry place.

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