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1-Hexanol / Hexyl alcohol CAS 111-27-3

1-Hexanol Hexyl alcohol CAS 111-27-3
1-Hexanol Hexyl alcohol CAS 111-27-3
1-Hexanol Quick Details:

Chemical Name:1-Hexanol


Molecular Formula:C6H14O

Molecular Weight: 203-852-3

Appearance:Colorless liquid

Assay: 99%

Character:Colorless liquid.Boiling point 157℃, relative density 0.819, with ethanol, propylene glycol, oil can be miscible.It has delicate green leaves and leaves, with hints of wine, fruit and fat.

1-Hexanol Specification:
Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odor With fruit fragrance
Refractive Index,20℃ 1.4170~1.4190
Specific Gravity,25/25℃ 0.8130~0.8160
Assay by GLC,area% ≥99.0%
1-Hexanol Application:
  1. It is often used as a fragrance base and formulated essential oils (such as geraniol oil) as part of the top fragrance,
  2. Used as a solvent and analytical reagent, and also used in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare preservatives and sleeping pills.
  3. Used in the production of surfactants, plasticizers, fatty alcohols, etc.
  4. Gas chromatographic analysis standard for organic synthesis and other purposes.
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